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Black Diamond

Black Diamond liked the idea of the Eco-Trail de Paris®.

On one hand, nature around the periphery of the city of Paris is brought closer to the participants. On the other hand, there is the concept of sustainability, in that part of the fees are invested in good causes and funds are made available to promote public transportation.

Since, for one or the other of the contestants, it will be dark by the time they reach the Eiffel Tower, Black Diamond will be on location with headband lamps, which can be tested and purchased, of course. In addition, the super-lightweight sticks can also be tested. In this way, it is ensured that everyone safely reaches the finishing line.

"We like the Eco -rail de Paris® philosophy very much and it goes very well with Black Diamond. For us, it is a chance to present our headband lamps as well as sticks at this special event to a public enthusiastically interested in marathon sports. We can back this event 100%," says Saskia Stock, Marketing Director Black Diamond Europe