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Its eco-responsbile commitment is an exemplary force for its participants !

The EcoTrail® of Paris is  a living proof that mass sports event may be designed in an environmentally responsible manner. Selected among the 10 most remarkable events by the Ministry of Sports and WWF, EcoTrail® of Paris is a laboratory of ideas that invents and express the “ecodesign actions” of tomorrow. The collection of this outstanding initiatives of French sport in the fight against climate change, will be published and distributed to all delegations attending the COP21.

Organized around six major pillars, EcoTrail® of Paris illustrates its example and its strength to mobilize its eco-players, by offering innovative solutions, and sharing its sustainable  knowledge with its partners, organizer teams and services, athletes, participants and volunteers. The EcoTrail® of Paris can not remain indifferent in front of the changes of its environment.

The change climate remains a major concern, which requires the taking of conscience of every organizer, holder of a project!

The EcoTrail® of Paris committed to maintain the existing organization by ensuring ethical and responsible event and in line with the expectations of its audience and its home environment.