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BEFORE THE RACE  - Enrolment

  • How to check that I am definitely registered and/or that my file is complete?

At any moment you can consult your member’s account by clicking here

A confirmation is sent to the email address that you provided during your enrolment.



To complete its registration, each participant of the following races : Trail 80km, Trail 45km, Trail 30km, Trail 18km Hauts-de-Seine MUST join online (While registrering) or upload on its member account (possible until March 1st, 2017)

  • Its medical certificate dated within one year on the day of the race
  • A copy of an eligible licence's attestation (FFA)
  • a copy of an eligible licence (FFTRI, FSCF‚ FSGT, UFOLEP)

To make it simpler and avoid litigation, we suggest you to download a medical certificate template (that you can reuse it on other races) :

Download the form of medical certificate


Download my medical certificate on my member account by clicking here



No other licence or licence's attestation shall be accepted after the March 1st, 2017. After validation of the document by the organization, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.

If you forget or do not have an advice delivry of the document after the March  1st, 2017, you must present it directly to the race bibs withdrawal at the litigation area,  the 16 March 2017 at the Destinations Nature Show. Although race bibs will be handed out on saturday 18th March, it will nevertheless be possible to request a race bib to be sent by post.

The medical certificate MUST have the mention "Presents no contraindication to competing in running races"

No bib will be given if your medical certificate was not validated by the organizers.

  • Can I pass on or re-sell my race number?

According to our rules, it is forbidden to give or re-sell a race number at any time. The race bibs are customized and non-transferable. In case of breach of the rules, the race jury may disqualify the rider and impose a lifetime ban on future editions of the Eco-Trail de Paris ®.

• Can I register on-site during the removal of the numbers or the starting area?

On-site registration is not possible.

EXCEPT: it is possible to register the same day for the Hikes or Nordic Marches, at the Start locations.

• Is there a waiting list following the close of registration in case of withdrawals?

When enrolments are closed, it is no longer possible to obtain race numbers. The maximum number has been reached. There is no waiting list, even in case of withdrawal.

BEFORE THE RACE _ Cancellation

  • I have to cancel my participation in the Eco-Trail de Paris®. Can I be refunded ?


In case of cancellation, you can be reimbursed under certain conditions:

1. Having subscribed to the cancellation insurance at the time of enrolment.

2. Having made your request by e-mail or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 10 days following the event, accompanied by a medical justification or proof issued by the competent authority certifying the fulfillment of one of the events giving rise to the refund (see below).

3. Events entitling the refunding of your registration fee (as reserved for completing the conditions previously mentioned):

• accident or serious illness resulting in absence from work more than 3 days
• death of the runner himself/herself
• serious illness requiring hospitalization
• death to a spouse or cohabitant, or of parents or children, within thirty days preceding the event.



  • How to enroll for reconnaissance sessions?

Enrollment for reconnaissance sessions is independent of enrolment for your race. To enroll for reconnaissance sessions, please click here. Can one enroll for reconnaissance sessions without being enrolled for the race?


You can enroll for the reconnaissance sessions without being enrolled for the race. However, you must have a medical certificate containing the same requirements for the race. In addition, there are preferential rates for people already enrolled for the race. 


DURING THE RACE – Race bib distribution

  • Can a third party obtain my race bib?

If someone have to take your bib, be sure he/she has :

1. Your bib number
2. Your ID
3. The invitation to access the Salon Destinations Nature

To consult the dates and times of for race bib distribution, visit the ‘Programme’ webpage for your race.

  • Can I pick up my race bib in the Start zone of the race?

You cannot pick up your race bib in the Start zone of the race.

EXCEPT: in the case of the Hikes and Nordic Walks, when you can come and pick up your race bib in the Start zone during the morning of the race.

To consult the dates and times of for race bib distribution, visit the ‘Programme’ webpage for your race.

  • Can I receive my bib ahead of the race ?

Yes, it is possible to opt to a mail delivering of their bib during the online registration to the race (trail 80km, 45km, 30km and 18km uniquely). The bib will be sent two weeks before the race. For runners who have chosen the option to a mail delivering of their bib, the file must be necessarily complete. If not, the bib couldn’t be sent and any repayment will be maid.

Any bib will be delivered if a valid medical certificate was not supplied to the organizer.

DURING THE RACE – Bag  recovery

  • Are my personal belongings taken in hand at the Start of the race?

Each runner can deposit their personal belongings, in their own bag, at the Start zone of the race. A self-adhesive label, provided in the race bib envelope, must be stuck onto the bag. The bag is then taken by the organization to Paris, and the Finish zone.

  • Where can I recover my belongings?

Bag recovery takes place at the Emile Anthoine sports centre, located 200 metres from the Finishing Line.

 DURING THE RACE - Transport

  • Where can I park my vehicle?

We invite you to visit www.parkingsdeparis.com where you can discover all the possibilities offered to you (two wheelers, cars, caravans).

  • How to get to the Start of the race?

The Eco-Trail de Paris® has provided you with a public transport ticket to get to the Montparnasse Train Station at the Race Start. NB. This option is facultative. If you want to benefit from it, it is essential to ask for it on the enrolment form.

DURING THE RACE – Accommodation  

  • How can I find lodgings close to the Eiffel Tower?
  • Many hotels can accommodate you during your weekend in Paris. We invite you to visit the website of the Paris Tourist Office for more information.
  • Can I benefit from Eco-Trail de Paris® special offers ?

We will keep you informed quickly about this possibility.


  • How to check out my results?

Provisional results are instantly available, on the website of the event. The official results are published after validation by the FFA or in the weeks following the day of the race. 

AFTER THE RACE – Finisher’s Diploma

  • I would like to have a Finisher’s Diploma. How can I obtain this ?

The Finisher’s Diploma is posted on the website a few days after race day. You can download your personalized certificate with your name and bib number.


  • How many ITRA points give each race ? = Points UTMB®

Three races of the EcoTrail de Paris Ile-de-France® now give ITRA points. Details here :
Trail 80km : 2 former points  and 4 new points
Trail 45km : 0 former point and 2 new points
Trail 30km : 0 former point and 1 new point